30 Aug 2009

A little birthday present I bought for myself

I love , love, love the colours in this picture.

I bought this little doll with some of the birthday money I was given.

Katie bought one too, very cute.

I woke to glorious sunshine today.

The chickens were at the backdoor looking for their breakfast and the cats were washing themselves in the sun.

Louis is coming home unexpectedly today for mid semester break and then school holidays begin at the end of the week.

It makes me realise that we are charging towards the end of the year, Kate's last year of primary school is almost over.
She goes off to high school next year and Andy will be in his final year of high school with all the drama that involves.

growing up,
living lives,
becoming independent
and moving towards the time when this home will be the place they visit,
and most of their lives will be lived elsewhere
and with others.

Won't those visits be great.
I am excited about Louis coming home, so is Stephen and Kate.
Andy, I am not so sure because he has to give up half his bedroom and Louis is a terrible slob.
I think in some ways I am starting to see Louis as a visitor already.

Can that be possible?

Each time he comes home I am more aware of how much of his life isn't lived with us and that I know very little of the ordinary moments of his days.
It isn't something to be sad about,
we were close through his childhood and teen years and we talk easily now;
he's just moving on to that independent place we all move to and enjoy and stretch and work out who and why we are.

It's lovely to see him growing and maturing,
it's just different,
you know,
for me,
the mum.

I can still remember when I was where Louis is now and coming home meant coming to a place and to a family that didn't change much and felt secure and now I am the person, the mum that the new adult is coming home to.

funny huh.

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