Vintage blast from my past

7 Aug 2009

all dressed up for church anniversary day, around 1963

Here is another blast from my past.

I'm the older of the two little girls.

This was taken in 1963 and we are all dressed up for Anniversary day at church.
All the Sunday School children received a book and I think there was food involved too.

I always thought Mum made this outfit that she is wearing because she has a pattern that is very similar but she said yesterday that she bought it.

Isn't she looking gorgeous, a mother of three and in her early thirties.

Love that hat.

She did make my sister's dress and mine.

The photo was taken in our back garden and is one of the first colour photos we have.

seems like it was a bit hard to get any of the children to actually look in the direction of the camera.

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Such fond memories of childhood clothes from the time in our lives before we cared much about other people's opinions of what we wore or how we looked and could thrill to the twirlability of a dress and the gorgeous rainbow assortment of colours.

Me and my dad in the back yard, round 1964

Me and my Dad.