Give Away to Celebrate the Big 50

5 Aug 2009

I noticed this morning that I have 150 blog followers which is rather nice to think that at least 150 people are interested enough to follow my blog.
I think it has since moved up to 151 so 'Hello' to you all.
And 'Hello' to all who don't follow but regularly pop in and to those who just happen along occasionally or even just found my little place today.

Did I forget anyone?

At the end of next week I will be 50, how's that for a number.

Fancy, half a century.
That is actually a long time isn't it.


And I have just passed 850 blog posts and I am sure there must be a 50 somewhere in the number of visitors to my blog over the three and a bit years I have been writing ( a little over 310,000 visitors)

So with all these 50s hanging in the air and Birthday celebrations coming up I have decided to
hold a give away but with only one prize, not 50.

The prize will be a special little doll, I think I will call her Jenny and she will be dressed just the way my Mum used to dress me way back when I was just a tot.

To enter all you need to do is tell me all about your favourite outfit from your childhood, it doesn't have to be homemade.
I am going to try to borrow some of my mum's photos of my childhood and post some, if you have a blog you might like to do the same and we can all come and look.

I do believe that being born in 1959 and having a 1960s childhood was a charmed beginning to life and I look back very fondly on a sweet and happy childhood.

I'll choose the winning entry on 13th August, the day before my birthday.

Good luck!
I am really looking forward to reading everyone's memories.

ps. If English is not your first language please write your comment in the language you feel comfortable with and I will try to translate it.