18 Aug 2009


Don't you just love this picture?

Do you and yours look this cheery and neat at breakfast?

This is a picture from a little counting book that I found at Mum's last week.
I think the book was probably mine, I certainly wrote in it.

The children's names are Jack and Jill and they have a little dog called Timmy.
There are more pictures on Flickr.

Tomorrow is Mum's birthday.

Dad is doing well and able to walk around inside without help but he tires easily and can't be left alone. He is off for a CT scan in the morning.

Thank you for all your good wishes for Dad and also thanks so much for all your lovely Birthday wishes for me.

I even received a couple of lovely bloggy presents in the post, from Jenny and Manuela.

Very exciting.

So, tomorrow my sister and I will celebrate with Mum and then on the weekend we will have a proper family get together with as many of the grandchildren as we can gather.