24 Jul 2009

baby bug 1

I have been snug as a bug on the couch by the fire for the past few days, unwell with another lurgy that has found its way into the house.
Mostly I have been snoozing and occasionally trying a little knitting but even that seemed beyond me at times.


I have been feeling very vintage, like an old lady actually.
A little chirpier today though .

Some commented that we here in Tasmania seem to have a short winter because the daffs are up already but let me assure you that spring is still some way off.
The bulbs just like to get an early start, to remind us that the days are in fact getting longer and the new season is not too far away.

Mid July until my birthday in August are traditionally the coldest part of winter here, when the most snow falls on the mountains and there are lots of crisp heart starter frosts.

We have frosts right through until early October sometimes even into November but a frost almost always means a magnificent clear day ahead.
Glorious weather as long as you have a warm fire to come home to.

I'm longing to do some sewing but my plans for the week have been blown out of the water by this bug so I will return to the snuggy couch ; to doze, knit, read,doze - you know the drill.

vintage sewing book