17 Jul 2009


OK .
So it is really really cold here ( for Tasmania, not northern hemisphere cold.)
It was -2ºC here this morning when I got out of bed just before 6am.
It was about 8ºC in the kitchen.
Brass monkeys weather.

The kitchen fire hasn't been on for two days and we were all home late yesterday so the front room fire was only alight for a few hours last night.
The house has a chill and my job today is to keep both fires blazing so my little house will become a warm home again.


It is a bright sunny day, just beautiful but cold.
The water in the hen house is frozen and Charlie has let the whole neighbourhood know about it even though the pond is not frozen and she can drink there.

Andy is home today with round two of the lurgy so I won't be able to go to Kate's cross country this afternoon.

I spent yesterday running errands in town and at a school fair craft stall committee meeting that apart from me was only attended by the two fair committee members.
They have big plans and were hoping for lots of help ( as in lots of willing workers).
The fair is in October so lets hope that momentum builds.
This will be the first time since our family has been at the school ( 9 years) that there has been a dedicated craft stall, actually the whole school hall has been allotted for craft.
They are hoping that they can have good quality craft and craft kits and children's craft sessions and use this as a promotion tool for the fair, you know building on the current popularity of handcrafts.
Yikes, that's a lot to achieve with very little help.

aaa etsy banner letter top

Now I wanted to tell you a little about my shop plans.
My little etsy shop has been quite bare, most of the year.
I have been working on custom order dolls plus dolls for a couple of local shops and of course for the Niche Market in May.

Whatever I have listed in my shop has sold quite quickly and so the virtual shelves sit empty.

From the beginning of August I intend to start stocking the shop again, with as many dolls as I can manage, also dolls clothes and some other bits and bobs.
I have one custom order place left for August and I can take two custom orders in September and that will be it for the year.
I want to have lots for people to choose from for Christmas gifts plus I have dolls to make for the next Niche Market in November and I want to help with the school fair as much as I am able.

If you are thinking of ordering a custom doll for this year please contact me soon as I would love to make a doll for you.
Also sometimes people do cancel their orders and a place becomes available so I can put your name on my list and contact you if a place comes up.

Right, time to stoke the fires, do the dishes and get down to some serious dolly work.

Oh and I'll be back later with another double dose of Ideal Homemaker goodness.