The Ideal Homemaker #16

21 Jul 2009

#16 Budgeting - not such a bad word.

"An ideal homemaker is skilled in the handling of money, in planned shopping, in careful storage, and in clever preparation of food. She is able to conserve the family's possessions through good management. She does not economise and follow a budget out of self-pity, but because it is a challenge to get the very most out of the resources available."

Oh, so much to do.
No room really for being slap dash.

One of my 1940s housekeeping books calls the home and its inhabitants "the family firm" and you can look at the family as an economic unit, a small family business.
Businesses don't just have to make money to survive , they have to keep costs down without scrimping on quality, they have to make the most of the resources they have including their staff and in a small family business everyone has to pull together and know what the goals are and everyone should benefit from any profits that are made.