The Ideal Homemaker #12 and # 13

15 Jul 2009

Somehow I missed posting yesterday's Ideal Homemaker instalment so we'll have a double do today.

So #12 Grow your own - or children can help.

"She will be ideal in her role as a homemaker, not only because of the countless current values, but because her example and teachings will live at least another generation through her children."

The main gist of this chapter is getting children to help around the house: to lessen the load on the parents, to help children really feel a part of the family and to pass on necessary life skills to the next generation.

Good advice, me thinks.

Now, #13 Family Traditions

"An ideal homemaker will encourage family traditions to add colour and depth to the great picture she is painting.
Instead of her home being just a "short- order house", it will be a hallowed place where children learn life's great lessons, gain proper values, and build memories which will enrich their lives and help determine their destinies."

That sounds like a real home to me and what I think many or most parents are aiming or hoping for.
Family traditions are those things that make our home really our home and unlike any other family's home.

Daryl Hoole also states, " These traditions are what make families firm and substantial.
They give solid roots in the past and hopes for the future.
They are little things by themselves, but put together they spell family life."

The rhythms and rituals of daily life are a part of these traditions as are little celebrations of the changing seasons.
I'm sure you all have lots of family traditions even if you don't realise it.

Small things like picking up chestnuts when you are walking to the shops, the first childishly picked bunch of spring blooms tucked into a glass jar and put proudly on the kitchen table.

All the rituals of your Birthday celebrations, Christmas, Easter and so on.

Daily things like the evening rhythm of dinner, baths, stories and bedtime.
Or when the children are older the little ritual of a hot chocolate and something to nibble before bed.

There are so many things, family traditions, that mark your family as just that, your family.

What are your family's traditions?