The Ideal Homemaker #11

13 Jul 2009

#11 From a House to a Home

"An ideal homemaker is able to transform four walls into a home by creating both spiritual and physical beauty therein."

Remember all those old movies where a woman's touch was all that was needed to turn a hovel into a happy home.
Why even Snow White did it.

"In Australia, within colonial pioneering families, high value was placed on women as partners in domestic life... There were thousands of womanless men in the early history of Australia who were desperate for the comfort and support of a wife - a woman who would share the daily toil and make their abode a warm and friendly place to come home to.... With feminine touches such as flowers and curtains, they could lift the spirits in the harsh new environment."

from The Gentle Arts by Jennifer Isaacs. 1987

I thoroughly recommend Jennifer Isaacs book for a wonderful history of women's domestic and decorative arts through the first 200 years of European settlement in Australia.
Also the fabulous Thrift to Fantasy by Rosemary McLeod follows a similar theme from a New Zealand perspective in the period from the 1930s to the 1950s.

Both are wonderful books that I have read again and again.

And here is Calamity getting a lesson in how to make a house a home.