28 Jul 2009

summer dresses under a winter sky

I am starting to feel almost human again.

What a nasty bug.

Still the sun is shining here today, I almost have my sense of smell and taste back, the aches and pains have gone and things are on the up ( fingers crossed)

I have been making my way through some of the stored clothes that unfortunately got wet when the garage flooded recently.

They have all been washed and the last of them are on the line.

These summer dresses of Kate's, from past years are so pretty, some bought, some handmade and all being kept, perhaps for a grand daughter in the future.

Kate turns 12 this weekend.
Lots to do this week and now that I am moving a almost normal speed I am looking forward to bringing it all together, the food, the presents, the happiness, friends and family.

Lots to do.