The Ideal Homemaker #3

1 Jul 2009

Simplicity 3321

I am fantasizing that I look as elegant and put together as these beautiful ladies when in fact I have a very sneezy cold and I'm sure I look more like Sneezy of Seven Dwarf fame.

Time for part three of the Ideal Homemaker series.

#3 Some are Almosters.

"An ideal homemaker is devoted to the great career in which she is engaged. She is a professional in her field by being a homemaker every day and letting her devotion and sense of duty, rather than her moods, dominate her."

She goes on to talk about the three types of homemakers: Don't Cares, Almosters and Ideal.

I think most of the time I am an Almoster, occasionally rising to ideal and today... well, today I Don't Care and I am more than happy for some one else to take over.