Homemaking question

12 Jul 2009

Kate , hard working mother of four left this comment on the last Ideal Homemaker post and I wonder if any of you experienced homemakers can offer some suggestions...

"My mum always used to say, 'You get up, get your work done and then the day is your own." This has caused me heaps of stress over the last 15 years (since having children, hmm wonder if there is a connection???LOL) because quite often I get to the end of the day and still haven't finished all the things I planned to do. I'd be interested to hear how others maintain their homes and still manage to find time for themselves. Do I plan to do too much??? Unrealistic time management perhaps? Or am I too fussy? Maybe my home and family are just too big for one person to manage on their own. I guess I'd just like to hear what others do."

As for me, I think it is important to have an end time for the morning work.
Housework can take the whole day if you let it, I mean there is always something else to do and you would drive yourself mad if you didn't decide when to down tools.
I get up early but I don't do housework then, it's a small house and I would wake everyone.
No, the time before the rest of the house wakes is my time to use as I wish.
Once I start waking people my work begins with the general before school hoo haa.
I don't take the children to school, I don't drive.
They either catch the bus or go with Stephen.
As soon as they all leave I make my breakfast and relax. At 9am I start the Daily Round, you know, tidy the kitchen, do the dishes, sweep the floor, wipe down the bathrooms, make the bed, tidy the loungeroom and so on.
I also put on a load of washing if needed though I try to do the bulk of the washing on Monday and Saturday.
I try to have an idea about dinner early in the day but if not I give it some thought at lunchtime.
I do a more thorough clean on Mondays after the weekend messmaking and again on Fridays.

Mostly I try to be finished housework by morning tea time, around 11am, with a second shift in the late afternoon, bringing in washing and getting dinner underway.
Mondays and Fridays I just devote to housie things so on those days I might have things to do after morning tea.

So I guess on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11am until Kate gets home from school at around 3.30 I can devote my time to special projects or gardening or sewing or shopping,or appointments or, ofcourse, doll making

The other thing is, if you don't get something finished, there is always tomorrow.
I make a list of things I want to get done but it's over a week rather than a day unless something is urgent.
The list keeps me more or less on track but having a week to balance things out is so much more managable and life friendly.
I don't timetable my list, I just read through it each morning and see what I fits into my day.
I do try to do at least one unfavourite thing from the list each day - it makes me feel virtuous.

When I worked part time out of the house I still made sure the daily round was done before I left the house, though sometimes it was a lick and a promise.
It meant that I could come home to a tidy house and that's always a blessing.

I tried to organise my work days so I had either Monday or Friday ( or both ) at home.
I devoted one day a week to doing a thorough clean and the rest was maintenance with special jobs done on weekends if necessary.
Much the same as now really but a condensed version on work days.

So any other suggestions?
Yes, there have been lots of suggestions so take a look at the comments and join in the discussion if you have time.