Comfort Food

2 Jul 2009

Breakfast with my 5 minute artisan bread and marmalade

You probably know all about the book " Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day".

It was all over the blog world some time ago.

I have it on order at the library but it will be some time before it comes to me.

I followed a link on someone's blog to look at a tutorial video on Youtube that also gave the recipe for the basic recipe.

I am sold.

The thing I like best about it? That I can make up this tub of supereasy bread dough, let it rise for a couple of hours then just keep it in the fridge for as long a two weeks and it is there ready for me when I want to make some yummy chewy bread, a pizza, some flatbread, whatever.And the flavour seems to get better the longer you leave it.

This bread is great toasted, smothered in butter and marmalade and eaten by the fire with a cup of sweet tea when you have a cold and feel ever so slightly miserable.

Below are a couple of clips from youtube plus the website has more how to videos and some recipes.