Birthday preparations

30 Jul 2009

Did any one see the duck

Sooooo.... says the little yellow duck as he rolls his eyes,
a day of cooking and sewing ahead.

Need to do the finishing touches to the doll Kate requested for her birthday .

Need to consult my Donna Hay Kid's books to see what Kate has earmarked and also find that list she put on the fridge door.


My Donna Hay birthday inspiration books.


I see, some upmarket chocolate crackles


This is the birthday cake she wants.


Not sure why this has a marker on it, probably because it is pretty, or maybe it's that cupcake stand.


and speaking of cupcakes, she wants pretty cupcakes and some "suitable for boys"


And these, I think, are the Australian version of the North American s'mores - chocolate ripples and mini marshmallows.
Some thing special for the friends who are sleeping over.


and this is last year's birthday effort - pretty.