The Ideal Homemaker #14 and # 15

17 Jul 2009

#14 Imperturbability

" An ideal homemaker exercises patience, understanding, and imperturbability unless controlled anger and reasonable discipline are justified.
She will do her best to take those bad days when everything seems to go wrong in her stride, realizing that we need some valleys in order to appreciate the mountains"

In other words be a mature grown up.
Good advice for grown up girls and boys.

#15 On husbands - all I ask

" An ideal homemaker is the type of companion and wife who merits the appreciation and cooperation of her husband and helps him to want to do his part well as a husband, father, and provider."

She goes on to say that a husband who helps around the house should be a good help , he should volunteer, follow through on the task and have a willing attitude.
In other words , act like a grown up partner.

She also states that a husband should not add to his wife's work; pick up after himself,
not leave a mess when doing repairs, that kind of thing.
You know act like an adult and model good behaviour to his children.

So the message is for the adults in the house to act like considerate, caring grown ups regardless, of whether they both work outside the home, one works outside the home and one cares for the home and all the other possibilities there are.

It is so easy for it all to become a competition about who has the hardest job and who does the most work.
Treat your partner with the consideration and respect you would give your very best friend because that is what they are.