17 Jun 2009

Just finished watching This Happy Breed.

I enjoy it more every time I watch it.

I had some doll knitting that needed doing today so I lit the fire and popped this DVD on the tellie.

Speaking of knitting there is plenty of knitting inspiration in this film, some gorgeous cardigans.

If you can get hold of this film I would recommend it. Don't watch it with teenagers though, it's best alone or with a kindred spirit.

I bought the DVD last year as part of a set that also contains the marvellous Brief Encounter and the original film version of Oliver Twist.

Here is another snippet.

And if you have the time, or just remember it for later, "Since You Went Away" is also on youtube .
It stars the beautiful Claudette Colbert, a gorgeous young Jennifer Jones and a teenage Shirley Temple.
It is kind of the American version of Mrs Miniver.
Lots of vintage yumminess ( clothes and houses etc) and a glimpse of Hollywood's version of an average US home during WWII.