23 Jun 2009


Much baking and planning
and shopping and wrapping and unwrapping
and hugging and thanking going on here.


Two birthdays done and dusted, I have a child in his TWENTIES!!!

How did that happen?

And my tiny little Andy, only 5 lbs when he was born, is now a six foot tall seventeen year old.

Tomorrow Stephen will be 49.
I have heaps to do so I had better go.


The chooks and Charlie have all been giving me " the eye" lately.

They seem to be practising their inscrutable stares especially Biddy ( the one with the golden neck in the first picture with Charlie).
She stood perfectly still for about five minutes, and just stared at me with her beady little eyes.
What goes on in their heads I'll never know.

And why was Charlie walking around for most of the day with a feather decorating her beak - the latest duck fashion perhaps.