16 Jun 2009


It's cold around here at the moment.

The temperature is struggling to get into double figures.

The cats are getting very snuggly.

winter sun

Last night's Brown Owl get together was lots of fun, plenty of enthusiastic owls, stacks of yummy food and an abundance of crafty talent.

The school holidays have finished and we are heading recklessly towards BIRTHDAY WEEK.
Louis will be away from home for his birthday but we are heading off to Hobart on Saturday for Andy's football so we will see him then and have a celebration.
Andy's birthday is on Saturday and Stephen's next Wednesday.

Birthday week is much easier now that the boys are older and birthdays are a more leisurely affair.

Next year though, in the space of six days,

Louis will turn 21, the traditional coming of age,

Andy will be 18, the modern coming of age

and Stephen will be ... I'll whisper it... 50!!!!!

Ye gads, there will be some merry making then.