12 Jun 2009


I spent a marvellous morning tootling around in the kitchen.

It was COLD here this morning and I had the kitchen fire alight while I turned chaos into rather nice.

From 10am till midday I was accompanied by gorgeous 40s music on City Park Radio.

A Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square - love that song.

And La Mer - love that too.


Spurred on by memories of things past I found pushed to the back of the baking tin drawer, my long ago bought but as yet unused madeleine tray.

With fabulous English and French wartime music accompanying me I started baking.
First a chocolate cake, next a vegetable bake for lunch and finally, after my morning cuppa, would come the madeleines.

I checked my emails and a few blogs while I sipped at my coffee and found the lovely Jane was also having a madeleine moment.
The recipe she used looked nicer than mine so I swapped.

All this forties nostalgia also had me thinking of At Mrs Lippincotes by Elizabeth Taylor.

For me, although I read the book two years ago it is one of those stories that just comes back to me now and then in little wafts.
I loved the book.
I loved that the characters surprised me by seeming so modern and then I scolded myself for falling into the trap of thinking that ordinary people from past decades could never be as sophisticated as we tend to think we are.

While I was looking at blogs and such I dropped into the library site and ordered Mrs Lippincote again.


After lunch Kate brought the mail in, a surprise because we never get mail on Fridays - I think the postie likes to finish early.

It was membership bundle from the lovely Pip at Meet Me at Mikes.


I have become a Brown Owl and our first meeting is on Monday.
Any locals are welcome to come along just follow the link to find out the details.


So many cute things, I am really looking forward to our first meeting.


Kate found this old Brownies beret at the op shop a few months ago.
Not that I need a Brownie beret for a Brown Owl craft group but it is such a lovely hat don't you think and all wool felt too.


And I will leave you with this sweet doll that I also found naked and alone at the op shop.
I brought her home, gave her a bath and washed her hair and she is a real beauty.
She is dressed in bits and bobs that don't have an owner, too small, too wide and so on.
But they look a picture on her don't you think.
Such a sweetie.