The Ideal Homemaker #1

29 Jun 2009


I found this picture on my camera.
I have no idea who the photographer was, I am just certain it wasn't me because that is my blue arm.
I love the colours, don't you?

Louis is home for the holidays

Louis is home for the end of semester break.

Half the contents of Kate's tiny bedroom are in the loungeroom as her bedroom gets a spruce up.

Andy has been working round the clock finishing assignments and studying for tests - the usual routine that the teachers pile the work on when assessment time is coming up as if they didn't realise they needed some written work to assess.
They say ( the parents who know these things) that year 11 is the hardest year of school and they are probably right.


It has been fabulous eating weather lately.
Lots of misty soft grey days with the sun only managing to peep through with a watery blast on the occasional afternoon but quickly disappearing and leaving us to our winter rituals.

Fires to be lit, washing to be dried some how.
Warm woollens and comfort clothes as well as comfort foods.
Good to be able to wear proper winter clothes and no feel overdressed.
A brisk walk to the shop for milk coming home with flushed cheeks and cold, cold fingers.

But we have sunshine here this morning though the washing that has been dripping on the line for days will need a full day of sun and wind to be anywhere near dry enough to bring indoors.

Last night's garlicky lamb with a yogurt sauce and freshly dug and baked beetroot and carrots was super yummy.
A pity about the apple pie that was never actually made - too many interruptions.

beautiful buttons

I bought a cute little 1960s homemaking book on Etsy a few weeks ago.
It has a lovely inscription in the front for the original recipient and a long list of attributes for the ideal homemaker, 20 in fact.

#1. The two "A's", attitude and appearance.


"An ideal homemaker is lovely to look at and lovely to be around - she has a wholesome attitude and a pleasing appearance. She has the courage to be happy and strives to live above the grievous faults of moodiness, sulkiness, and complaining. She is gracious and thoughtful and is consequently adored by her family and admired by all who know her."

What do you think?

1960s homemaking book

More tomorrow, I promise.