19 Jun 2009

the bookmark

The funniest letter came in the mail yesterday.

Do you remember how I talked about the cardigan I am knitting for myself, Joy by Kim Hargreaves?

And how I had the book from the library but eventually bought my own copy and returned the library book?

I obviously returned it with a little piece of my own life hidden in it.

Kate, a local blog reader, had the book on hold and when she picked it up from the library she turned to the pattern for Joy and there was a very pretty bookmark.
She turned it over and the bookmark was from Persphone books, home of beautiful endpapers and matching bookmarks.
She put two and two together and found they equalled careless Jenny.

So she very sweetly posted it to me.

Thanks so much Kate.
It was a lovely letter to receive.

I wonder how many times before I have done that.
Lucky it was a proper bookmark because sometimes I use letters, bills, photos, shopping lists,whatever is close at hand, to mark my reading spot.

I think the bookmark suited the book perfectly.
Perhaps I should borrow Vintage Knits again and attach it to the book with a ribbon to help future readers mark the spot.

And no Kate, I haven't finished Joy yet but I am still chugging along.