5 Jun 2009

silver beet ( swiss chard)

Friday was a day to clean out the chook house - I'll spare you the pictures of a mountain high pile of straw and chook poo


It was a day to spread the muck on the vegie garden's bare beds ready for some planting next week


It was a day to read up about Cushing's disease in dogs because poor old Poppy seems to be suffering from this.


It was a day like yesterday and the one before that and the one before that to wash the wet dog bed and various nappies used to mop up embarrassing doggie puddles made by an embarrassed elderly dog.


It was a day to fill the kettle for plenty of cups of tea , a murky day in the afternoon that needed a little added warmth.


It was a day for appreciating the beauty of this fine pumpkin given to us as a present by the mother of our little visitor.


It was yet another occasion to realise how much I enjoy the colour red dotted here and there around the house, such a happy simple colour.


It was a day to say thank you for your lovely comments and emails after yesterday's post.

Thank you.

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  1. hi there,
    just popping my head in to say how sorry i am to read of your little poppy's illness. while i'm no expert, my little precious also suffered from this disease, so if there is any way i can help, please drop me an email!!
    julie :)

  2. Love your new wintry banner :-). Sorry to hear about your doggie's health :-(. Be warm.


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