9 Jun 2009

Trying to make the most of the now freely available eggs I have had a go at making some French macaroons.

I have been seeing these here and there in blogland but never here in Launceston.

If any locals know of a place where I can buy some here I would love to know.

Anyway my first try was a success on taste but a 5/10 on appearance.

I folded the almond meal in with the mix master instead of by hand and so deflated the egg whites.

I thought this would happen but went ahead anyway.

I made a white chocolate ganache to join the two halves.
These macaroons were seriously yummy , just a couple each was enough although certain people went ahead and had more.

I would love to be skilled at making these so I guess we will just have to keep eating macaroons once a week for the next few months.

I have just found a macaroon tutorial that might be good

I don't have a picture of my own efforts, it was too dark by the time I had them together but if you look at all these photos, put together by Adriana Delphino on Flickr, mine did look like the pink ones only flatter.

And if any of you are marvellous macaroon makers , I'd love to know your secrets.