23 May 2009


When I should have been doing a bazillion other things...


I was fiddling around trying to do some crochet.

I am not very skilled but it was fun.


I have only ever managed long chains, granny squares and simple trims on the edge of knitting.

I made a flower ...

in the middle of a kind of granny square...

using a pattern!!!!

I am very impressed with myself.

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  1. WOW! I'm impressed, too. I can't crochet at all! I'm always looking for the other needle...

  2. I just posted about this book, isn't it a beauty? Good job Jenny!

  3. Oh yes! Great job, love the colour choices as well!

  4. You should be impressed! That looks like a very intricate little piece. I can crochet til the cows come home, but I've only just mastered granny squares. Somehow patterns always had me confused so direction from a friend solved my problem.

  5. Hi Jenny, You have created a little bit of 'Springtime', and your colours are lovely. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday afternoon...I am off to check on the lamb shank soup & then my sewing machine is calling me to complete some more nine-patch blocks for a swap I am involved in.
    from Jenny McH

  6. Wow! I just bought a rug at evandale market with this flower pattern ... and thought ... I wish I could crochet - and here it is!!! You are so clever! Next craft night a friend is going to teach me the granny square - all seems like voodoo to me - but will give it a go!


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