25 May 2009

the mauve wash




I never thought I would miss my washing machine so much, it's like a long lost servant has returned to the fold.

I have been playing with it all day.

The wash house is lovely and clean.

The line is full.

All's right with the world, well my little corner of it anyway.

Stephen, Kate and Andy

And here is the hero of the day
along with Kate and Andy who never complained once about the inconveniences of not having a car,
(although there were some complaints about the slow laundry service over the past 6 weeks).

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  1. well i can tell that you are excited and pleased to have the washing machine back on deck, but do tell did you find the lack of car an inconvenience at all. I realise that you don't drive but surely it must still have impacted on you?

    cheers Kate

  2. How did you manage with out your washing machine for that long? A couple of days for me and I would be going mad. The car wouldn't be such a probablem, glad that the machine and car are all fixed now you do sound very excited about it.

    Joanne x

  3. Wow, 6 weeks without a washing machine. You deserve a medal.

  4. Glad everything is getting back to normal (whatever that is) for you. It makes you appreciate those "servants", doesn't it? We are a spoiled lot. I can wash my clothes without machines, but I am so thankful I don't have to!

  5. Beautiful photo of your loves. And, what happy news that the washing machine, and car, are fixed. Speaking of transportation, guess what! James got a buck board on Saturday, and he's outside getting one of the big draft horses--Amy, hooked up to, to take the little ones out for a drive. Lovely day getting lovelier by the minute. I walked the road with Rosie early this morning--it was heavenly. xo Jewels

  6. I remember well when I was travelling around,using laundromats, youth hostel basins etc and just putting up with being kind of grotty, one of the most luxurious things of settling down into living in a house again was the bliss of having ready access again to a washing machine and a supply of clean fresh clothes. Never before or since has the laundry room been such a place of contentment for me!

  7. Wonderful Jenny,
    you must feel like a new woman!

  8. Yay! for a working washer and car! Laundry must seem delightful now.

  9. I am so happy for you and your family, Jenny. I guess it does make you appreciate conveniences of modern life - it certainly would have that affect on my family.

    Wonderful photo of your lovely family.



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