15 May 2009

1950s Lucie Atwell book

Today is National Walk Safely to School Day organised by the Pedestrian Council of Australia.

I had no idea such a thing as the Pedestrian Council existed but I feel I should be an Honorary member.
As a non driver I walk and bus a lot, my biggest transport expense is shoes.
You know most shoes and boots these days are not meant for any decent amount of walking and many of them cannot be resoled.
I tend to wear my bushwalking boots during the cooler months, they don't look very elegant but they do look a little funky especially with handknit socks ( in my opinion) and they are of course great for walking.

Anyway, Kate's school was having a Walk to School event and Kate wanted to join in.
Because her school is not a local school it takes children from everywhere, many from the outlying regions as well as country areas.
So all the children were being taken ( driven) to City Park and then they would all walk from there and enjoy breakfast together once they arrived at school.

Our car is still "resting" and I tend to think it is kind of weird to drive somewhere , in our case past the school , in order to walk back to the school, so Kate walked to school from here with Stephen.
It's about a 40 minute walk but there was breakfast as a reward.
The children all had to take their own cup, bowl and cutlery for breakfast so that the school didn't have to use disposables.


Here is another forgotten project, my bedroom curtains.

Remember, my part of the bedroom fix up.

I bet you thought I didn't get them done.

They are up and looking pretty darn good, although I haven't hemmed them.

I have been known to put off finishing a skirt for weeks because I can't make myself do the hem!!!

I didn't want to buy and sew on all that header tape business.

I also wanted the curtains to be light and breezy.

So I made my own header tape, in a way.

I have made tab top curtains before but they seem to lack the right amount of puffiness that I wanted.
So I made a separate tab top out of the green spotted fabric and then joined the main body of the curtain on, pleating it as I went.
I didn't measure anything with a tape I juts halved and quartered and so on, pinning the pleats ready for sewing.

The tabs slide nicely so the curtains are easy to open and close.

I didn't line them because I wanted them to be soft and translucent (ish).

I am making a separate set of plain white curtains to hang inside these ones and that should insulate more against the cold and when we want to keep out more light.


I just love them.

The fabric is actually sheeting fabric, all cotton and nice and wide so not too much sewing.

Miss Maggie here had to pop into the photo, loves a photo opportunity does Maggie, sorry she is a bit blurry but she kept turning her head to watch the curtains blowing in the breeze.

I have also made the top of my quilt cover but I have stalled with that because it needs a little something else to give it some oomph but I'm not sure what.

Thanks so much for all your encouraging comments about my current knitting projects.
I have been able to buy Vintage Knits so I can now return the library book. ( Sorry whoever is waiting for it)
There are at least three other things I would love to make in the book so I think it was a worthwhile buy.
Most of the projects have very classic lines so who knows Kate may even use it when she is all grown up, or I may one day get knitting daughters-in-law, who knows.

I have about four or five "vintage" books out from the library at the moment:
Vintage Knits of course plus two books by Christina Strutt of Cabbages and Roses fame - Vintage Crafts and Home Made Vintage - both lovely books, I haven't really looked closely at the projects yet,
then I also have Found Style by Amy and David Butler which look really interesting
and lastly Vintage Crochet by Susan Cropper which has some gorgeous projects and gorgeous pictures, wonderful styling.
I read about the crochet book on Jane's blog.
She is another wonderful crochet lady and has a very pretty home.

So I had better be off and get these dollies finished, to be put in the shop this afternoon.
The light today is hopeless for good photos, very overcast and dull but who knows it might brighten up this afternoon.

Happy Friday to you.

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  1. Curtains look lovely Jenny, very floaty and restful.
    Thanks for all the books that you mention and link to. I often go straight to the library site and put them on hold. And yes I do have vintage knits on hold. We live about 8kms from the school so my children didn't participate in walk to school day, although I wish we were able to walk.

    cheers Kate

    ps did you get my email? I have received the tiny doll and it's just devine.

  2. Hi Kate, yes I did get your email and I agree , that was very quick work by postie. So glad you like it.

  3. curtains are very pretty Jenny!
    I have about 6 knitting books out of the library at the moment, and more on reserve..so I am glad we don't share the same library:)

  4. I love the little knit dolly dresses. I would love to try and make one as I keep having yarn left over from my learning projects. Learning to knit in the last two months has been a God send as I try to recover from being so very sick.
    You are such an inspiration to me.

  5. Jan, I agree with you... Jenny is an inspiration to us all!
    Jenny~ the bedroom curtains are so lovely. I'll be they really look good with the newly finished floors too. I think the combination of fabrics you chose are perfect. Not fussy or formal, but still have a casually elegant look.


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