21 May 2009

crab apples

School holidays begin this weekend but we had a preview today.
I slept in, so we all slept in. I blame Maggie the cat. She never lets me sleep beyond 6.30 but this morning she was obviously so snuggly on Kate's bed that she couldn't be bothered doing my wake up call.

So, instead of rushing around to be ready in time for the bus we declared it pyjama day.
Kate and Andy slept in until morning tea time.
Stephen went to work but only after a slow breakfast in the sunny from room with the fire going as well to make it extra cosy.

I stayed in my PJs until well after lunch time, we all did ( except Stephen of course who did not wear his PJs to work)
Mum came around late morning to pick up the sheets and towels to take home to wash them ( yes the washing machine is still sick and no I have not been washing the big things by hand) and was appalled that we were all being super sloths.

It was Bliss!!!!
So lazy, everyone needs a lazy day every now and then.
A time to take a deep breath and thumb your nose at everyone else's rules.

The Glebe and City Park 4

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  1. Hi Jenny,

    What a wonderful day! I think we are way overdue for a pajama day here. My cat Olive also wakes us up every morning, she has her routine, first she eats her breakfast and then waits by the window to be let out and then straight back inside again. She is precious.

    Have a great weekend



  2. We've got to wait another 5 weeks for our holidays. I love pyjama days. We always have one or two of those when the holidays arrive.
    (A preview sounds even better!)

  3. I just read about a duvet day somewhere else......how lovely.

  4. Your pyjama day sounds ultra relaxing! Enjoyed your pictures very much.


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