5 May 2009


On the second day of Niche, I walked to the market through a glorious morning.

The morning surprise as I headed off was that the toadstools are back.
It always feels special, even though it happens every year.

I guess it's a surprise because we don't plant them, they are just there if the right toadstool conditions are there and we just have to trust that they will come back.


I walked up a hill and down again until I saw the flood plains of the North Esk River, and then stepped into the early morning City Park.


Niche was lots of fun.
So lovely to spend time with other creative types and to have the chance to talk to people about my dolls.


The market was a huge success , Selena from St Giles did such a great job of unfussed organisation and it was lovely to see so many helpful husbands supporting their creative wives.
The majority of stall holders were women, through a variety of ages .
It was terrific to have a market such as this that celebrated the designers who are creating such fabulous exciting high quality products.
There will be another Niche later in the year plus we also have The Market and The Mothers Market in Hobart and The Makers Market in Launceston held at the Design Centre in November.

More power and creativity to the independent designers of Tasmania.

Congratulations to the people of Launceston for so wholeheartedly supporting the designers.


I sold several small dolls and took some orders.
Many people were interested in dolls for Christmas presents and Birthday presents and I almost ran out of business cards.


Louis was home for the weekend but I hardly saw him.

Stephen spent the weekend working on the car - yes, it is still a work in progress.

I've spent a good part of the today and yesterday photographing my dolls to put in the shop and catching up on all the things that didn't get done by anyone on the weekend.

Now for some gratuitous toadstool images...





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  1. We have those toadstools too, the girls are always so excited when they first see them. We believe they are fairy toadstools and that the fairies from under the chestnut tree use them.

    looks like you had a great market, do you have any of the tiny dolls left? I didn't see them in your shop.

    cheers Kate

  2. Love, love, love your dolls. They are as special and unique as real little people.

    The toadstools look like a little piece of a fairytale in real life.

  3. Are they the same kind of toadstools, the flat ones and the round ones, just different ages?
    They are perfect for fairies and brownies.

  4. Love the gratuitous toadstool pictures! :)
    And the dolls esp. the blonde one in the polka dot dress....did she sell???

  5. I have always wondered where the red-capped mushrooms with white spots that I adore lived. That seals it, we're definitely moving to Tassie in a few years! Gorgeous. And congrats on a great show!

  6. You mean to tell me those toadstools are real? They look bright red and shiny as plastic in the photographs, and when I saw that first one in your banner up top, I just assumed it was a little toy you had made, and that you had posed it in the grass for effect. I don't think we have those here in Texas!

  7. Lovely post!

    Your dolly booth is so warm and inviting. Its sings "come in, come in."

    Are the toadstools etible? The are facinating to look at.

  8. Stopped by your blog for a moment of afternoon relaxation. Followed the Flicker link and saw the picture of Louis. My 14 year old walked into the room and her eyebrows went up, "Oh. Nice." (queen of understatements) A very handsome young man he is.

  9. Ah, those toadstools where you live. I remember pictures from last year too. I've never seen them like this over here, I'm jealous. They look magical!
    Sounds like you did some great business at the fair, the pictures of your stall look beautiful.


  10. Loved your vintage-style stall, with it's gingham cloth and olde worlde charm. Your darling dolls looked so charming grouped together. You have such artistic flair Jenny. xx

  11. Kate, I do have two tiny babies left, a green one and a pink one.They are $17 each. I have lost your email address so if you want a doll just email me and we can organise it.

  12. Hi Nikki, the blonde doll with the polka dot dress is still for sale.

  13. Accidental housewife, yes the round toadstools and the flat ones are the same just different ages. They also tend to fade as they age. And, no Dana, the toadstools are not edible, they are actually " magic mushrooms" that cause all sorts of hallucinogenic effects as well as making you quite sick I think.

  14. Hi Jen........enjoyed seeing your beautiful dolls as always...I don't think I have ever seen toadstools such as those...at first I thought that were not real,but crafted ones....they are so interesting,thanks for sharing....


  15. I love the toadstools. they are so pretty. I always thought they were just something you saw in story books, until I saw some exactly the same near a tree, where we parked our cars for the start of our bush walk last Saturday at Wentworth Falls


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