7 May 2009


OK, so bad things come in threes.
That's right isn't it.

1. the computer woes of last month, now thankfully fixed.

2. the car and the ongoing saga of its repairs, definitely a lesson in perseverance for Stephen and
planning and organisation for Kate and Andy.

3. the washing machine !!!!!!!!!

I think it has choked itself to death or organised a holiday and forgot to get a locum in to take over its work
. Oh wait a minute,that's right, I'm the locum.

Yes plenty of hand washing of the dirty laundry in my big deep bath.
Plenty of rinsing and wringing and dripping water all through the kitchen as I carry it out to the line.

laundry bag

Plenty of overfull laundry bags as I try to ignore the growing piles around me.


Lots of time spent flipping the washing in the hope that my inadequately wrung out washing will dry before it rots on the line.


Plus of course the normal everyday hand washed woollies, that know how to behave and dry in a trice.

Did I tell you how much I love my washing machine.

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  1. Oh nooooooo! I am so sorry. I had that happen last year and got suckered into one of those really swanky high efficiency front loaders. High efficiency means little water is used. YUCK. I abhor the thing.
    I hope it is just a worn out belt that your handy husband can fix in a jiffy.

  2. Hmm, my front loader is making odd noises lately, I must admit I'm scared!
    Its amazing how much we rely on our "modern conveniences".

  3. Alas...that's your third, though, so you should be all set for 2009!!!
    Here's to some dry weather, to help the washing along!

  4. Oh dear, I wash just thinking today my dryer was sounding a bit wonky, but that wouldn't compare to the washing machine deciding to quite its job! I hope you are able to replace/fix it soon!

  5. I feel your pain! Loved your description of trying to dry sopping wet things before they rot...lol! I remember trying to wash sleeping bags in the bath...I ended up getting in there with 'em and treading them like grapes...almost gave myself a hernia heaving them out again! :)

  6. I think washing machines might be THE invention that really changed women's work loads

  7. Oh, I'm so sorry! (Been there. Done that. No fun.) Hope you're back up and running again machine-wise soon!

  8. Be careful what you say on your blog. A while back I wrote that exact same line on mine, about trouble coming in threes, so we'd met our quota - and then our metal roof blew off. Just got picked right up off our house!

  9. I love the afghans in your last photo. Beautiful.

  10. I too would be handwashing if my machine were to die at this moment. And car repairs rendered us carless for 6 weeks not long ago. But lessons in stamina and perserverance were welcome gifts through the trials.

    I see the Amanitas have found you.


  11. Shame Jenny, how awful for you! We have a family of 6 so if my washing machine decided to go on a vacation I would definately be in a crisis! You have my sympathy.... I love your washing bag, so pretty...

  12. I hear you - I too have had washing machine woes today and have had to take it outside to empty once today already and now it has broken again - I can't face another trip outside so it is going to have to wait until tomorow

  13. Jenny, the loss of a whitegood is no laughing matter as you well know. My brand new (in warranty) machine decided to boil a load of clothes and melt the facia - when our baby was just home from hospital. It took 2 months for them to realise it wasn't fixable and replace the rotter. I went for a refund and bought a different brand.

    Deepest commiserations. Hope Mothers Day contains no washing at all!

    Lisa x


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