New dolls in the shop.

5 May 2009


Julia has found a home, thank you


Molly has found a home, thank you


Annie has found a home, thank you.


Ellie has found a home, thank you.


Missie has found a home, thank you


Beth has found a home, thank you

It has taken me hours to photograph the dolls and then upload them to Etsy.
I still need to catch up on work from the weekend so I'll pop back in later for a proper chat.

6 Responses to “New dolls in the shop.”

  1. oh my gosh! jenny, you are killing me with cuteness! if my little anna was a few years older annie would be mine, ahem, hers:o)

  2. jenny ~your dolls just grab me by the heart and won't let go! beautiful!!

  3. Dear Jenny,

    they look so very lovely. If I was a kid, I would have loved to welcome Beth!

    The little ribbon with Red Riding Hood on Missie´s blouse is by the way designed by Nic, a friend of mine. Do you know her blog Her colourful creations are very inspiring and actually it was Nic who made me start with Fröken Skicklig...

    Recently I got a package full with ribbons in different designs from her, but Little Red Riding Hood is still my favourite!

    Warm greetings, Juliane

  4. Wow! You have an Ellie! We have one too (she is one) but she is a dark lass and we like to call her Missie, your next doll. They are truly beautiful. I hope one day to give our Ellie one of yours in her likeness.

  5. I love them all--Annie is my favorite. It amazes me how much personality your dolls have with just a few touches.

  6. I love Julia. Such a cute little baby doll!!


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