11 May 2009


The light at this time of year is so beautiful, the colours so mellow.

My front garden, the leaves, the light through the trees just takes your breathe away and touches a place deep in your heart, a soulful place.


Every time I walk through the front room I'm startled by the beautiful picture of autumn outside the window.
Especially now when the birch is starting to turn, it becomes a golden yellow and the light gleams into the front of the house.

My little camera can't do it justice but it is a sight that takes me by surprise each year.
My little suburban front garden becomes autumn, joyful spotted toadstools, every colour of autumn leaf and an occasional flowers; daisies, plumbago, a few apples and the feijoas just starting to swell and ripen.


What a treat.

Today was soft autumn weather, a little fog, a little rain, a little sunshine.

A back garden seemingly filled with black hens, black cats and a black dog.

A busy day, in a good way, cleaning, tidying, hand washing the weekends laundry, planning dinner - definitely time for an apricot crumble using some of this summers apricots stewed, frozen and waiting to tempt us.

Oh and it is such great knitting weather and dreaming weather.

What is it about these soft autumn days that makes you start planning , planning delicious meals, new knitting dreams, the perfect skirt to go with as yet unfinished cardigan, planning new books to read and old magazines to be sorted.

Not big things, just cosy things.



And a brisk walk at the end of the afternoon , off to the post office, the newsagent, and the supermarket for the milk and then strike out back again up the hill through the autumn leaves and autumn colour and home to find everyone has arrived back from their day and getting on with their evening.

The fire is alight, the hens have gone to bed, homework has been started and Stephen is home , his head under the bonnet of the car.
Animals to be fed, family to be fed then a long evening of knitting ( and blogging).

daisies and fuschias

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  1. Beautiful, thank you.

    cheers Kate

  2. What a perfect image Jenny! Highlights all the reasons why I love Autumn in southern Australia. Thank you.

  3. It is fun watching your fall as we begin our spring. Blessings to you across the water this week!

  4. So lovely! Autumn is by far my favourite season for all the reasons you state here. Blessings to you.

  5. We are enjoying a lovely spring day here in England and I'm almost wishing it was autumn and cosying down weather instead. Never mind, we have rain forecast for the rest of the week so I'll have an excuse to wear my cosy socks and slippers!!

  6. Although I am quite enjoying all the spring pastels in my part of the world, autumn is still my favorite time of year.

    Thanks to the Internet, we can experience autumn twice in one year. :)


  7. Thank you, Jenny, for all the lovely Autumn images and for sharing them with us via your camera and your writing. Tasmania seems like a lovely place to live - a place that still has pockets of an older and sweeter way of life. You and your husband are blessing your children with a home and memories that they will cherish all of their lives. Thank you also for blessing all of us. You've started my day with a smile.


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