16 May 2009


Just finished digging over and raking off two beds of the vegetable garden ready to plant some peas, onions and winter lettuce.

Brewster and his girls including Charlie the duck charged up to see what I was doing and as soon as my back was turned they decided to do a bit of cultivating ( and fertilising) for me.
I'll have to rake again before I can plant any seeds.

The pole with the hat is really nothing to do with the garden, it helps to hold the string tight when the badminton string , complete with my pantry lace curtains, is set up for a quick tournament.

The blue poles are from an old swimming pool we had when the boys were small and now the poles are used for the strings for the peas.
I'll have to move them to the newly dug bed.


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  1. I haven't visited for a little while Jenny but I am really enjoying catching up on your garden and crafting and homemaking posts...everything you do evokes a cozy and happy life, thank you for sharing it with all of us.


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