13 May 2009

dolly boot - red

I have been trying to spend at least 30 minutes each day working on my current pride and joy...

Joy by Kim Hargreaves , that is.

I saw this cardigan somewhere yonks ago and could never find the pattern.

Borrowed a Rowan book from the library and what do you know, there it was.

I'm using some yarn that I found at the op shop.
Three cones of it in fact plus , by co-incidence, a cone from my sister who no longer knits and was looking for a good home for her yarn.
Much more wool than I need for this project.

I'm pretty sure the wool is from when the Coats Patons Mill ( originally Patons and Baldwins) closed here in Launceston and all their surplus yarn was sold off.

The knitters of Launceston and beyond had a field day buying up all the wool and knitting needles.

Patons was a huge employer in Launceston especially of women and especially of the people of Glen Dhu and West Launceston.
Being a West Launceston girl myself and attending West Launceston Primary School I knew many of the children of the workers.

Here is a link to the history of the Mill, it's very interesting, and I hadn't realised the close connection with the British company.
Launceston had several woollen mills during the 20th century and all had declined or closed by the end of the century, although Waverly Woollen Mills have experienced a rebirth.

footy boots - red

I'm also trying to spend at least 30 minutes on Kate's cardigan / Zip Front Hoodie.

This pattern is from Knit So Fine

Kate wanted a red cardigan with a hood so we went onto Ravelry to
see what other people were knitting and what they had to say about various patterns.
Kate fell in love with this one...

and luckily the library had the book.

So that's my knitting life at the moment with large quantities of dolly knitting thrown in.

I get to wallow in wool almost all day long.

decorated terracotta pot - red

But I must say after seeing Lucy's magnificent crocheted throw, my fingers are itching to choose a multitude of gorgeous colours and start polishing my crochet hook.

Now, because you can never have too much of a good thing when it is in season and likely to disappear at any time, here are some pictures of the life cycle stages of the Amanita muscaria toadstools in my front garden.





One more thing, I received an email from a reader in Turkey, with a name similar to Daisy Rosemary??? asking about how to make dolls similar to my little jenny wren dolls. I accidentally deleted your message before I could answer so please contact me again, thanks.

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  1. I have long wanted to knit Joy, I hope you will show us some progress pictures or when you finish it, it is a lovely classic pattern.

    Thanks for the toadstool pictures too - fascinating!

  2. How wonderful to visit you again, Jenny. A belated happy mother's day!

  3. Thank you for more mushroom pictures. I can't get enough of them!! :-) So cute.

  4. Love the 'Joy'. Kim Hargreaves' designs are so lovely, aren't they. I haven't made one yet but have a couple in my queue (Orchid & Glimmer).
    Interesting about Patons. We just get a few of Patons yarns (assume it's a related company?) here in my part of the world, but I like all I've tried so far -- good prices & very nice quality. In fact, I'm in the process of making a Debbie Bliss Wrap pattern with Patons 'Silk Bamboo', and it's wonderful yarn -- so soft and beautiful subtle sheen.
    The toadstool pictures are wonderful. I'm partial to the red spotty ones -- never seen one like it in 'real life' ;-).

  5. Hmmm, my first learning of fibercraft was done on the crochet hook. I've recently enjoyed the slower (newly learning) pace of knitting. The toadstools are quite the sight ~ someday hopefully we will visit them in person.

  6. I never knew those fairy tale toadstools were real. Thank you for the photos.

  7. I have enjoyed this interesting post Jenny.I have wondered about the history of the toadstool as we did not see them around when I was a child in Launceston during the 1950's. The first time I saw them was in Deloraine a few years ago.
    I have also brushed up on the history of Patons and Baldwins and other Launceston history from the links.
    The cardigan is lovely. I look forward to following its progress.


  8. Hi Trish, I never saw toadstools like these when I was a child in the sixties either. The first time I saw them growing was in my mother's garden about 20 years ago, growing under a large silver birch that she had planted about 15 years before.
    We have two silver birches in our front garden and the toadstools first appeared about 6 years ago I think When the birches had been growing for about 15 years and were by then big trees.

  9. Oh that's interesting about the toadstools. I'd never seen them anywhere before but we have had them growing under silver birch trees in our yard for the last 4 years or so.

    cheers Kate

  10. I love the cardigan (the purple one at the top), and cannot wait to see the end result once you've finished it. I'm quite the cardi fan! Shame I dont have the patience for knitting, though...
    Best of luck,


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