28 May 2009

I have been knitting like a woman possessed today, knitting for little dolls, boy dolls and girls dolls.

Mostly the doll knits I design work just the way I imagine them, occasionally they don't but I always learn something from the process.

The thing with knitting small things is they don't take as long as a human sized project but small mistakes on small things can make big problems.

And I posted a couple of orders off without photographing them first, so annoying when I do that but things had to be posted off and it was getting close to dinner time.

Anyway, I can draw a line under today's adventures, relax and get ready for tomorrow's.

Now I hope everyone who wants to comment can now do so.
I thought it was getting a little lonely around here.

I have removed a few widgets although according to Blogger the problem is usually caused by their Followers feature.
So I deleted that widget.
Now if you want to be a follower of this blog you can organise through your Blogger dashboard or just subscribe through Google reader or Bloglines or something similar.

Please let me know if you are still having problems commenting. I don't know if I will be able to do anything but I can try when I have the time.
I do really enjoy reading your comments, otherwise it feels a bit like I'm just shouting into the wind.

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  1. I love that picture with just the few touches of colour and the expression on the mother's face. Your dolls have wonderful expressions too with just a few clever stitches.

  2. Hi Jenny, I Love the picture of Mother & daughter. So far my 23yr old daughter shows no interest in craftwork. She is more of a tomboy/outdoor girl..she loves playing sport.
    My Mum & I share a love of craftwork. Mum has knitted & recently started to crochet. Over the years I have taken Mum to many quilt shows, and it must have rubbed off, as she has made 2 single bed quilts.
    Best wishes for your Friday adventures. from Jenny McH

  3. Hey hey hey, logging in did the trick after all! Boy was I tired of getting that error message.


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