14 May 2009

poor little thing, in her underwear and only one shoe.

I am busy working on custom order dolls and clothes and getting them packaged up and posted off.

I am also in the process of finishing off a couple of dolls and some clothes to go into my shop tomorrow.

Bits and pieces on my table

I have spent each afternoon this week" playing" with my dolls, in between putting the washing out, bringing the washing in, lighting the fire, and so on.

I realised there are a couple of little dolls that I forgot to share with you.

Sometimes I am so busy getting the dolls packed up and posted off I forget to take any photos but these two were snapped but not shown.

custom doll going to Sweden

This little one is on her way to Sweden to help a little girl celebrate her first birthday.

You know one of the best parts of working with someone on a doll for their child is when I am sent a picture of the little one who will be receiving the doll.

So many sweet little faces.

The lady who commissioned this doll was very taken with my little doll Sally and also these two Belle and Boo illustrations.
Don't you just love the Belle and Boo pictures, so sweet.

Because her daughter is just a baby I made stitched down hair with the two braids attached to the edge of the hair cap rather than stylable hair.


This doll was commissioned by a lady as a gift for herself and is a little jenny wren version of the lady.
Once again I was treated to some beautiful photos , and saw her beautiful long curly auburn hair.
I happened upon these little shoes at a doll show and they were a perfect fit.
Unsuitable for a young child's doll but just right for a grown up lady.

You can go to my Flickr album and see some more pictures of these two little dolls ( in amongst all the others).

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  1. Jenny, I love them all!

  2. I just love your dolls Jenny! I'd love to be able to do what you can do. I made my daughter a doll once with a Magic Cabin kit but it would be neat to do it with out a kit.

    Anyhow, love your dolls and I love reading your blog!

    Lots of love,

  3. All your dolls are beautiful Jenny!

  4. Oh they are just perfect. I love them both. :) xx

  5. The shoes add such a beautiful touch. I love the little wooly baby too.

  6. Jenny, these dolls are adorable. The doll going to Sweden really does look quite Swedish. The black p shoes are perfect with the little doll's dress, what a great find.


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