2 May 2009


Home from Niche.

What a great day.

I met so many lovely people and saw some old friends too.

The best part, the very best part was watching people's faces as they got to know my dolls.

The sweetest purest smile, just a small one and so childlike, would break across their face.

A really gentle genuine secret smile.

It's the smile I suspect but don't see when I sell my dolls on line - priceless.


The market itself is in a wonderful venue, full of the energy of creativity.

A really interesting space.

Lots of people came to visit and to buy and to admire everyone's work.

The work of my fellow designers is of such a high standard.

I will try to take some decent pictures tomorrow, my little camera was a bit bewildered and today's photos were so-so.


This is the banner for my stall, Andy designed it and then I printed it off.

Love the colours.

So, the Niche continues tomorrow.

10 to 4

Academy of Arts

University of Tasmania


Be there or be square.

Now, I think it's time for a bath, a cuppa, something yummy for tea.

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  1. Glad it went well for you, wish I could come along!

  2. I will send you pictures of my wee one with her sweet dolly when it arrives. It is so funny, my children know when I am visiting your blog because of the buttery-good voice of Josh G. They all come running to the computer to see your lovely pictures and to soak in the beautiful music. I know I've probably said it many times, but you are such a joyful part of our day. Thank you!


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