28 May 2009

Hi everyone, I think ( fingers crossed) that I have fixed the problem with commenting while using Internet Explorer.

If you have had a problem in the past please comment now so I can see if it is fixed.


Oh and I'll be back later with a proper blog.

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  1. Hi I only comment occasionally on your blog but I read all your posts & really enjoy your blog. So I hope your comments are working now & you get this

  2. Well that worked, thanks Caroline

  3. I've been having a bit of trouble with Explorer too - it won't open some blogs, mostly US ones. Seems to have settled down now. Haven't had any problems with comments.

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. I tried leaving a comment a few days ago, your blog page kept shutting down on me too.

  5. Your a wiz, Jenny, thanks for your help as I had no idea what could be wrong.
    Enjoy your day. from Jenny McH

  6. Your comments page is loading nicely on Mozilla Firefox now too, Jenny.

    Note to self: don't add too many widgets!

    Thanks for your email response too :) I hope your day is full of joy and the simple pleasures that fill your heart.

  7. Jenny, Your dolls are one of the most delightful parts of my day. I get a real buzz out of merely seeing them. I have absolutely no talents in that direction and have huge respect for those of you who do. Thank you for the pleasure you give us... and I love the toadstools too! Margaret.

  8. Hi, I have not commented for some time but I have been havig problems with the blog not opening from the feed. Seems ok now. Just love the latest dolls. I do read your blog daily even if I do not get round to leaving a comment very often.
    Mandy (Outer Hebrides)

  9. I love your blog and look at it nearly every day and think it is so good that one of my absolute favourite bloggers lives so close to me! I really wat to order two of you darling dolls one day, made to look like my beautiful daughters when they were little!I really love your toadstools too I didn't know they grew in Australia!!


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