10 May 2009

happy mother's day

Happy Mother's Day to one and all.


Copious cups of tea for all in the sunny front room


Hours of knitting enjoyed by Queen Jenny in her pyjamas as her minions obeyed her every command and didn't manage to shame her into sharing her chocolates.

Ah, Mother's Day.

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  1. Good evening Jenny, Sounds like you had a blissful Mother's day. I was spoilt the whole weekend, as Saturday was my birthday so our children took us out for brunch Saturday morning and this morning my 21 yr old son drove to McCafe & brought me back a cappuccino for morning tea, which I enjoyed in the sun on our back decking.
    Lets hope that this lovely start to the week continues! from Jenny McH

  2. Happy Mother's Day.. ours began with tea, but soon became much noisier and busy.. you'll have to drop by the blog to see why...

  3. Sounds like the perfect Mother's day to me! :)

  4. My husband wanted the whole weekend to be about me (yay him) and though there were a few rocky spots... well, we do have kids after all.... it was an absolutely wonderful weekend.
    He did a gardening project I had so wanted done: weeding and pruning the lavender as well as planting roses (8 in all!). Also, seeing your photos makes me know I need a new camera. Your blog and another I visit every day have pictures that never catch a speck of dust or dirt or grime or anything ever out of place. Everything is shiny and gorgeous. I want to see out of a viewfinder like that one.


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