22 May 2009


The end result of my need to rearrange the other day was minimal.

The old green chair, which has seen many better days, it's lumpy and creaky and mostly avoided if other seats are available, has made its way out to the kitchen swapping places with the "kitchen couch"


So now its companions are the kitchen fire and table.


It will be sat on but not as much.
One day it will either be re-upholstered or found a new home.


When we moved the old couch some treasures were revealed:
the Chinese checkers game, popped under the couch because the box is so easily upset and all the marbles run loose to the four corners of the house ( I knew it was under something but I actually thought it was the piano - who knows what's under there),
Kate's long missing slippers and Louis' old blue thongs ( ? flip flops to non Aussies),
Louis notes from his Physics exam 2 years ago,
some rubber stamps,
non Chinese checker marbles
and all those ooey gooey bits and bobs and fluffy things that like to congregate in dark places.


The old couch, which also has seen better days but is more comfortable, has been covered in a woollen blanket and various quilts tactically placed to pretend that the poor old thing was not ripped to shreds by a houseful of glorious playful kittens two summers ago.

Kate now adores the couch, has declared it hers and in fact camped there all day yesterday.
I am allowed on there but no boys or fathers, they get the old leather couch.
Flowery couch for girls, old leather Chesterfield for boys,
how's that for gender stereotyping.

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  1. Yes, my cat shredded our lounge suite when she was little, and nothing I did would stop her. One day I'll make a slip cover for it, but it'll take a LOT of fabric.


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