19 May 2009

red and green

Andy is hiding out, devouring a book.

Kate is writing a letter to her German penfriend.

Stephen is just doing up the last bits and pieces on the car - fingers crossed.

Louis won the footy tipping ( with Stephen and Dessie, my dad)

I have a head filled with so many ideas for dolls,
and for re-arranging the furniture in the front room to give an illusion on space !!!!


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  1. We move often (REALLY often) so I have cut out little paper scale representations of all our furniture so I can move it around a house map and work out where it will fit best. Maybe this could help with your front room? It saves a lot of physical labour.
    Does Kate write in German or English?

  2. We read a book yesterday which had a beautiful full-color photograph of a blue crayfish on the front cover (our science for the day) and we found out these beautiful monster crayfish are down near your area! We all agreed that a trip to somewhere in Australia is a must at some point so that we may attend to finding the blue crayfish. Mommy's still a little anxious about those Sydney funnel webs, but I suppose good boots should take care of those. Have a lovely day.

  3. Jenny, perhaps you could take before and after pictures of the room? Would be so interesting to see.


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