15 Apr 2009


Thursday before Easter the computer died.
Every business that could help fix the computer was unavailable over the Easter break.
Ditto for car parts for our very sick car.
The library was closed until today so no using their computer to check the car manuals or look at emails.
So we slipped back in time to a world of no cars and no computers for the Easter.
This morning there was a big storm, no electricity until about half an hour ago.
No car
No computer
No library access
No electricity
No problem really although the lack of electricity would have been, mainly because the freezer compartment of the fridge would have eventually defrosted.
We have borrowed a laptop, Andy has study that requires a computer.
So I have just popped in to say HELLO.
I'll be back to do a proper post later in the day.

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  1. Glad to hear that you are ok, I was starting to worry a little. Although car probs and computer problems aren't good at least you are all well.
    I'm not sure how I would cope without the car (as we live out or town with no public transport.) or the computer for that matter.
    cheers Kate

  2. Hope tomorrow is a better day! Funny how things always seem to break down at the same time...not that funny actually!

  3. Thinking of you little jenny wren--each day.


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