19 Apr 2009

Sunday began with a cup of coffee and a handful of knitting grabbed from where it was abandoned the night before.
The front door was quietly opened and I made my camp in the front garden in the cool autumn sun sitting in the paint flaked wicker chair.

An hour or so of quiet knitting, a sweater for a doll headed to Alaska, just how cold is it there? Lucie is only dressed in a sleeveless top so something warm to go underneath is needed.

Discovered by cats who covet my chair, investigate my drink and sleep culed up on the old table made by Dad eons ago.


Joined by Kate still working on May Gibbs.
Joined by Andy working on "Snow Falling on Cedars" analysis
Ahead will be a late morning baking session to make cup cakes, decadent Nigella cupcakes to take to a Tupperware party.
A Tupperware party!
My last such party was when I was about 19 and very little Tupperware was considered but there was plenty of good food and wine and laughing.
Much the same scenario this time.
Home to do some dolly work, make Stroganoff for tea, watch a show about the history of India and say good night as everyone headed off to bed early.
Back to school and work for everyone tomorrow.
Still no car.
Still no computer and this little borrowed friend goes back tomorrow too.
I'm not sure when I'll have computer access again so expect me when you see me.


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  1. Sounds like a lovely day. Your kitty is absolutely GORGEOUS!! :-)

  2. So lovely as always, glimpse of a simple content life, the one i wish for myself and my family as well. Thank you for sharing :)

  3. I love the fact that on the "other side of the world" there is autumn as we are experiencing the last of cold days (hopefully), daffodils, and just a little green here and there. It will soon "pop" into full Spring.

    Just reading today's post brings me peace.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day, and living without a computer and car can be extremely productive!
    "See" you soon!


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