6 Apr 2009


So while I spent the weekend gathering eggs, baking, cooking, sewing, knitting, visiting the library and wool shop, washing, talking and so on, Stephen spent most of the weekend either on the computer reading car manuals or under the car or draped over the front of the car with his head in the engine.

Yes he decided to have a go at fixing the car, we had quotes between $2000 and $3000 and as the car is worth only a little more than that he will give it his best shot and if it doesn't work we will go from there.

When we had our old car, theTtriumph, Stephen always did any work that was needed, a self taught and determined amateur blessed with a devoutly logical mind and perseverance that astounds.
He isn't as well acquainted with this car and there are more electronic bits and bobs but he is determined to give it his best shot.

This means we are without a car for the duration.

A car free family.

Yesterday Andy set off to get some feed for the chickens.
Stephen had been going to get it on Saturday but of course the car died on Friday.
So Andy carried a 25kg (55lb) bag of wheat back up the hill.
What a guy!

Normally Stephen drives the children to school and then goes on to work.
He takes the car mainly because he has to pick Andy up from school after sports practice or Kate from orchestra, that kind of thing.
During the school holidays he usually rides his bike.
Today Kate and Andy caught the bus and Stephen rode.


The pictures are a bit blurry because he moves like lightening to get on to his bike and get going.
Also I think he was muttering something about " Oh yes please put my picture on your blog I look so handsome in bright yellow.


He has his bag stuffed with his work clothes and his lunch plus he is playing tennis after work so he has his tennis kit as well.


There he goes, Mr Licorice Legs.


And the old car is sitting quietly in the drive way, probably enjoying the rest.

I want to say thank you for all your kind comments about my last post.
It's a funny time isn't it for those of us with aging parents and children turning into adults.

Also I want to welcome all my new readers and my loyal long time readers.
It is lovely that you take the time to share your comments and experiences with me.
This blog has more than 100 blog followers now so that is a nice little community of kindred spirits.
Knowing you expect some kind of regular offering from me often gives the push to keep going with my writing.
So, thank you .

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  1. Mr Licorice Legs. I'm giggling now...will do for much of the day I imagine. It takes little to tickle my funny bone.

    All the best with your car-free days. I'm a little envious that you are able. The draw backs of semi rural living I suppose.

  2. oh, good; after stephen is done with ya'll's car, could he fix my subaru, with the transmission that's gone to spaghetti? i'll ship it, piece by piece, if that'd help...

  3. by the way, you inspired me to have a go at giving my middle and my youngest daughters your same hair cut. I had paid attention the last time I was getting my hair cut at how the beautician used the thinning shears. Turns out I did very well and their haircuts look fab!
    My oldest daughter even considered, for a split second, having me trim her uneven locks. Then off in a flash, she ran upstairs to busy herself with painting her toenails, or some such mundane activity, when she saw that I would be willing to do it. =/

  4. Thank you for the giggles today. I loved this post. I hope you can get the car fixed for much less then the quote. I feel your pain we just had to put in a new transmission. 2800 dollars. OUCH. Have a fantastic week.

  5. Hello Jenny! I have been following your wonderful blog for a long time and have never left a comment. I so appreciate reading about your life. It's inspiring and interesting. I'm glad of the photos of you recently and now Stephen. I laughed at his mumbling comment about having his photo on your blog. :) I delight in being a homemaker too and you give me ideas to be more productive. Thanks!! From, Linda

  6. Thank you so much for your blog posts, I have only just found your blog and it is really uplifting and wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing...

  7. It is a funny time, something you wouldn't guess in advance I don't think.

  8. I look forward to dropping by your cottage every chance I get. Life can be starkly shocking sometimes, so it's a wonderful soft place to land. Thank you so much for spreading the sunshine. May it return to you a hundred times over.

  9. Big Grin ;o) *Loved* the photos of Stephen on his bike (licorice-leggin' it at top speed ;o). And, yes, *very* handsome in bright yellow! You are a character, JAM. Making our way through plague-like virus number 2 of the (nearly passed) winter.....with very*little*sleep (but lotsa love goin' 'round ;o) Do keep sharing about your lovely days, sweet gal. It's always so nice to hear. Jewels


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