7 Apr 2009


Lucie is a new doll in the shop.


She is larger than my usual dolls, 16" (40cm) and very very cuddly.
She weighs a dash under 500g ( 1 lb).


And her just- long- enough- to- be- pulled- into- pigtails hair is supersoft mohair boucle.
And she has a nose.

In the early evening hours I also experimented with these sweet daffodils, if I can make them half as nice as Eli's they will be a nice Easter present for Mum.

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  1. Oh, she looks so pretty, dear Jenny! And how nice that you tried larger dolls...

    I myself started with 40cm dolls some weeks ago and have to say that my fingers think it is so hard work with all the tiny seams ;-)

    Sewing the clothes for my 60cm dolls goes much quicker, but I keep on trying with a smaller size...

    Happy Easter to you and a warm hug!

  2. A lovely sweety! Greeting, Sabine (a passionate doll collector

  3. (this is my second attempt to post this comment... grrr...operator error I suppose)

    I love the bigger doll and the fact that you were able to give her a nose is incredible. I still like the ones without... leaves more to the imagination.
    God has blessed you abundantly with such wonderful talent.

  4. I knew as soon as I saw this pretty doll, that she was different...and it was the nose! Very sweet.

  5. I spotted the sweet little nose straightaway Jenny! She is perfect. :)

  6. I love her and her top is just so beautiful, the colours are divine....

  7. She is a cutie, and the nose is cute too. I do like the other style of your dolls as well( sigh I want one). I don't think there are ever to many lovly sweeties in the world to love. The daffies for your mom are so sweet. So sunny and bright.

  8. Oh I love your new doll, and her dear little nose. Very sweet and cuddly. Her hair is gorgeous too x

  9. Oh my she is soooo cute. I love your little dolls, one of these days......

  10. Oh, love that cute little nose ;o) She's beautiful!
    xo Jewels


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