28 Apr 2009

My Dolly and Me, illustrated by Eloise Wilkin,1961

It's a clear starry night, it will be cold without a blanket of clouds.
Stephen is still at work, he will get icicles on his chin when he rides home.

1950s Lucie Atwell book

Andy is in the kitchen revising for a maths test.
It's warm out there from the oven which has been cooking our roast chicken for tea.

Baby Looks, Esther and Eloise Wilkin 1961

Kate is by the fire in the loungeroom doing maths homework.
She has commandeered the best seat, my seat, beside the fire.

Baby Looks, Esther and Eloise Wilkin 1961

Wouldn't it be funny if Louis was down in Hobart doing some maths work as well.
There is snow on the mountain behind his house.

I hope he is warm enough.

Little Mommy, Sharon Kane 1967

I'm going to make a camp on the couch and do some dolly work and drink some tea and be soooo grateful for a warm house.

Night night.

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  1. Sounds very inviting! Love the pictures!

  2. Lovely visuals to accompany your cozy thoughts :-)

  3. Those photos are lovely! It sounds really cold where you are. We are also experiencing Autumn at the moment here in South Africa. The mornings are really chilly. But my hubby still gets up at 5 am and goes mountain bike riding most mornings. I imagine he will also have icicles on his chin soon... Your home sounds so cozy and snug...

    Wishing you a wonderful week Jenny...

  4. I wish I lived in your home...

    cheers Kate

  5. Hi Jenny, The nights have been cold in Melbourne too, and getting up in the mornings has become harder, one just wants to snuggle down for an extra hour.
    Such gorgeous books and I wanted to say I enjoy listening to Josh Groban as I read your posts. (No matter where I go if I was to hear that particular Josh Groban song I would think of you) from Jenny McH

  6. Thank you Jenny for all your posts. I've have been reading your blog for so long and really appreciate your posts. Funny, just that one line, "I hope he is warm enough" made me cry. It's so typical of a mother's thought. My heart had a little homesickness feeling for my son (although he's 27, married and we see him regularly even though he lives two hours away!). When he first moved to a capital city to my parents home a few years ago to work, I often wondered and worried that "he'd be warm enough" even in that loving and caring environment. A mother's heart.. (I do recall my Grandmother and mother 'fussing' at winter time.. were we warm enough... Took me 'til my son moved away to understand their need to know we were warm. (And this is in Qld!) From, Linda


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