27 Apr 2009

My creation
1. friends for tea, 2. josephine and teddy, 3. butterfly I like the way you wear your wings, 4. Postcard by Pauli Ebner, 5. Bonecas que fiz!, 6. Black Eyed Susan and friends, 7. African American Ballerina Doll, 8. Schmusekatzen, 9. Ostereierfärbungen, 10. sweaters, 11. A Child's Garden of Verses, 12. A Child's Garden of Verses, 13. a happy easter, 14. putting on airs, 15. bringing home the eggs, 16. here is Jane, 17. tea in the garden, 18. The Toyshop~ for puppilottchen whose beautiful handwork inspired me to join flickr., 19. e.colombo postcard, 20. Ellie, 21. little riding red hood, 22. little riding red hood, 23. little riding red hood, 24. special order quilts 5, 25. nest, 26. easter bonnet, 27. dolls and fairies, 28. Florela May listened very quietly, 29. following, 30. out walking with dolly, 31. the swing, 32. come and play, 33. April Showers, 34. Favorite Paint Book, 35. Familia, 36. Püppilottchen´s flowergarden

Andy needs the computer so I have made some mosaics of some of my Flickr favourites to share with you.
If you click on the name of the picture you like it will take you to the original picture.


ps. it's going to be 0 C overnight and there is snow on the mountains.
Thank goodness our load of wood arrived last week.
It's snuggling time.

Oh and don't forget the give away if you haven't already left a message.
( Look at last Thursday's post)
I'll draw a winner this Thursday.

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