30 Mar 2009


Yesterday , on a blustery but fine day we set off for the annual Heritage Fair at Franklin House.

It's a happy mix of carboot trash and treasure, craft and produce.

My Mum manned the garden stall, there were cake stalls, old books, and plenty of food.


Kate and Ella dressed themselves as turn of the century( 19th to 20th not the one we have just had) college girls,
Kate wore my old school hat and an old shirt of mine from the early 80s.


We were "entertained" by the ubiquitous Longford Morris dancers, a brass band, a Scottish pipe band, some superskippers from Glen Dhu school and a few small musical ensembles.

Have a look at the Austalian Morris website and you can watch the promo for the Morris movie.
Has anyone seen this film, it looks great.
They have a petition to show it in Australia.
Morris people of the world UNITE.


My Mum has been a volunteer gardener at Franklin House for more than 10 years and at 77 she goes there and works very hard every Friday afternoon, whatever the weather.


Kate and Ella bought mostly food, as any good schoolgirl would.

I must say these cupcakes were as good as they looked, and deserved to be scoffed down immediately.


They finished off with a sausage in bread before we headed for home.


I didn't find much to buy, the trash and treasure was either too trashy or too expensive.
I had a good look through all the books though and came up with a Miss Read book for $1.
We also bought a Cherry Cake, with my mother's insistence that she knew the cook and she has a clean kitchen.
My mother would never buy food from a dirty cook.
The quinces are of course beautiful to look at and were only 20c each.
And from the garden stall I bought some parsley, primulas, chives,thyme and a miniature sunflower ready to bloom and was regaled with tales of peoples upcoming trips to the Chelsea Flower Show and to house- and- garden- sit a 2 acre garden in Kent for 4 months!!!

I'll just have to content myself with an episode of "The Darling Buds of May" with my Friday lunch.


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  1. Your afternoon at Franklin House Heritage Fair sounds like a perfect way to while away an afternoon.

    I was very disappointed when Flemmings Nursery was reported in our local paper, to have decided not to attend the Chelsea Flower Show this year. I pass one of the Flemmings properties daily and it always gives me a little bit of joy to know someone close by is doing so well internationally, and to think I've seen a little of the preparation as I've gone about my days. I hope all those that make the trip enjoy the show.

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time at the Fair.

    Have a great week

    Warm regards


  3. Hello Jenny

    The girls look very 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' in their 'old' uniforms. What a lovely day it looks to be. Autumn sunshine, cupcakes, sausage sizzle and cherry cake (I like to know who the cook is too when buying from bake stalls!). What will you do with the quinces? I have seen quince jelly but thats about it. Autumn is a lovely time of year. I've yet to experience a Tassy one.

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. I'm sure the quinces will smell so good!

  5. Good evening Jenny
    You still managed to buy some lovely items at the Fair, I love the cover of the book...is that a patchwork quilt I spy on the cover?
    The Darling Buds of May is a show I love to watch, wonderful humour and family life, and the Mother is always baking and everything looks so delicious.
    I agree with Joolz, the girls also remind me of the movie, Picnic at Hanging Rock.
    from Jenny McH

  6. Lovely post Jenny, really enjoyed my trip. memories also...I used to drink that stuff from the tin when I was a babe (gives my age away!) Still find it difficult to get my head round you all being in conker season and we are picking daffs here in England. Felt the same in reverse last Autumn when you were posting pics of blossom. Such is life...always out to confuse.

  7. Wonderful post as usual. I love coming by to visit with you.

    I love the darling buds of may too. I watched it last week and am looking forward to the next episode.


  8. Aha,you've Cottage been talking to Denise and Robert!
    We visited them last time they stayed at White Barn Cottage in Kent!
    Fran W


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