14 Mar 2009

Knitting in the sun

Sitting in the sunshine, yesterday, testing out a knitting pattern
(I know, a RAINBOW snowman, have I gone mad)

Chatting gnomes

When I heard a chattering above my head.
Gnomes discussing books...

Noddy choosing a book

and trying to help Noddy decide which one to choose.
So many Little Golden Books, so little time.

Morning sunshine does funny things to the brain.

3 Responses to “ ”

  1. She is just way too gorgeous - She has such a wonderful look about her. Well done - I am sure that she will find a lovely home.

  2. How very cute Jenny. I believe you have the mind of a story-telling novelist. It is these sentiments (gnomes discussing books, for example) that I often hear authors talk about. Like how they had no idea a character was going to do something until they'd done it. Somehow, for authors, characters are not controlled by them at all LOL.

    Perhaps you should try your hand at writing children's books.

  3. YES! I second the motion for your becoming a children's author. Yours would be delightful, slice-of-life stories without the always annoying political correctness.
    When I just had two children, I used to make up a story about a little girl named Beatrice who lived long ago and very far away. She had simple adventures in her day, often exploring the wood behind her house. Each day was filled with a simple joy of some sort. Like yours are.


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