12 Mar 2009


Now I know you have just been sitting at home waiting for me to tell you what you should be sewing, knitting and baking now we are in a new season.

Well wait no longer.

The 1956 March Australian Home journal is here to help you.

1956 Australian Home Journal

I think most of these clothes would be suitable for Spring as well so you Northern hemisphere types don't need to feel left out.

1956 Australian Home Journal, sewing preview

1956 Australian Home Journal

1956 Australian Home Journal, sewing preview

1956 Australian Home Journal, sewing preview

The teens and tweens haven't been forgotten either

1956 Australian Home Journal, advertisement, Surpirse women were busy then too and new products were going to help them.

And Rinso will help you get through your busy day, you see women have always been busy it's
not a twenty first century thing - it's called life.

1956 Australian Home Journal

And now the dishes are done find out what to make for junior

1956 Australian Home Journal, sewing preview

1956 Australian Home Journal, sewing preview

Gosh, the whole day is gone.

Have I really been reading this magazine all day.

Better get some afternoon tea on the table for the Kiddiewinks when they get home from school.


You can see more here and find out about Lenten recipes and plenty of knitting and crochet .
There is tons of celebrity gossip too but I have kept that for myself along with the advice columns.

( I don't have a scanner so the pictures are a little grainy, sorry.
If you are interested in any of the recipes or patterns I'll try to better copies for you)

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  1. I know people were generally smaller in times past, but did they really have waists like that? Girls don't have waists these days.

  2. Thank you for this nice pictures. I'm a child of the fifties and it is wonderful to me to see scenes from my childhood.I'm also collecting dolls, your dolls are beautiful!
    Greetings from Austria,

  3. Aren't those illustrations beautiful. And the text is wonderful too! I can see what kept you interested all day. It would be a lot of fun to make some of these garments, don't know if I (or my kids) would really wear it, though.
    Somehow I don't see my son (2 yrs old) walking around in those "bloomers". :-)


  4. These patterns are delicious! If I could have my way I would put something like this on every day. It seems that it would just inspire all sorts of feminine industry in me. :)
    (It really is too bad that I don't have a whole shelf full of such patterns for my moments of wardrobe fatigue.)
    Thank you for all of your lovely posts.


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