25 Mar 2009

The internet has not been kind this week and decided to absent itself at every available opportunity.
This explains my absence along with a son swimming fast to avoid being submerged in the continuing tidal wave of Grade 11 school work.

When Andy is home likely as not he is tapping away on the computer.

He is doing a great job and showing supreme dedication.

He chose to do Media Arts as a softer subject this year to contrast with the unrelenting subjects of Maths, Physical Science and English Studies.
Media Arts seems to be photography, at the moment SLR photography and he is loving the combination of art and science involved in taking and processing good photos.

Andy was always a very creative little boy, enjoying colour and design but I'm sad to say his primary school experience was that the school required him to let go of his innate desire to decorate and embellish his work in favour of moving more speedily through his written work. Gradually his confidence in his creative abilities disappeared and any encouragement from us for him to explore this side of his personality was ignored.

Now, with photography and keeping a journal of his experiences with the camera he is getting back in contact with this wonderful part of his personality and relishing it.

crab apples

I am seeing my job of major support person as being so essential to my family at the moment, Stephen is so busy at work, Andy coping with senior studies, Kate entering that bewildering land of the preteen girl and Louis far away and needing the occasional show of interest from the family at home.

Because I am lucky enough to have time through the day to follow my bliss as well as care for our home I also have the energy and time to make sure I am there smoothing the way as much as I can for my little family.

self seeded cosmos

I try to make sure that home is a comfortable and happy place to come back to, that there are decent, maybe even delicious meals to eat, that I am up to date with what is going on at school, that there are clean clothes to wear, that the bills are paid, the house is clean, that I am sticking to our budget and so it goes.
All pretty basic stuff but a solid foundation on which to build our days.

The world of work and school can be stressful with so many competing challenges.
The world of home should be a sanctuary, a place of rhythm and fun, hardwork and rest; a place for dreams and practicality.

I see myself as making the home and managing the people, being aware of the stressors that each one is dealing with, respecting that each has their own priorities and responsibilities and helping to make this family work as a social unit, just like a good business I guess.

autumn crocus

And speaking of personal priorities...

The past week has seen Stephen and me camping out in the loungeroom as Stephen pursues his desire for the perfect finish on the bedroom floor.

camping in the loungeroom

Our loungeroom is small, and it now contains a double bed smack dab in the middle of it.

As it is a loungeroom the bed has been lounged on, by humans and cats.
With the low autumn sun now spreading into the room through the day the bed is the perfect place for a sun snooze, it seems to be the chosen place for DVD watching, reading the paper, doing home work, hurting your shin as you once again smash your leg into the bed frame trying to get to the windows to let the autumn fresh air in.

the perfect bedroom floor

The floor has now been declared as close to perfect as my Perfectionist can manage so , fingers crossed here, the bed will return to the bedroom tonight or tomorrow, the new curtains can go up and a new quilt cover made.
The furniture can come back from the garage and the four corners of the house and we can declare the bedroom FINISHED.

I have a special project today, to make a birthday doll for a soon to be two year old.

Now I'd best be off and into it before the day is gone.

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  1. Your posts are so interesting, and I agree with what you say about being a support person. It's nice to be needed.

  2. Lovely post Jenny. I love the idea of being a support person, I never thought of it like that before. The environment you are creating is just what I would have wanted to come home to when I was living at home. It made me think...I sure hope that is how our home feels for my family.

    cheers Kate

  3. Jenny, you're actually a 0.8 FTE Human and Physical Resources manager, with a 0.5 FTE Creative Directorship on the side.

    AND you cook!

    Genius, is what you are.

  4. Thank you for your words of sage advice and encouragement Jenny. I only work a 0.2 position (1 day) in my childen's school...in my children's classrooms, what's more and today I found myself unable to provide all the kids needed after school. A stressful day with Year 7's rununing amok simply did me in...and my daughter too. We were both strung out.

    A cuddle with my 11yo daughter who returned home from camp today was just the thing to settle peace around my heart and begin putting me back where I needed to be.

    I wish I'd read your words earlier in the afternoon though. We may have done better with the tangible and gentle reminder.

  5. i, too, agree with the support role in the family...it's most definitely needed and i'm very blessed to be able to fill my days in that role as well. lovely photos!

  6. Your floor turned out simply beautiful! I know you will enjoy getting back into your own room. I agree with your synopsis of your duties. That's pretty well how I've done it all these years, including homeschooling two daughters for ten years. Home should be the one place in the world where you can always feel safe and loved and accepted.

  7. Great mission statement. I'm glad to be able to do this job too.

  8. I love the corners of your home and I agree with your philosophy!

  9. What lucky children to have such a lovely mother (and Dad) to support them. I guess that has been my philosophy too - be there for them, always a cooked evening meal, clean clothes, fresh uniforms each day, tidy home. I was lucky not to have to work until my kids had nearly left primary school. I was always home for them and to take them to sports after school and on weekends. If my girls asked for something to be cooked for school the next day, I would do it. Now Kirby has moved to the city for Uni, she appreciates my home cooking (delivered homemade pasties and shortbread to her last weekend). I know they love me for it and I love spoiling them. I made muffins at 7am so Brianna could take some to school and have one on the bus. It put a smile on her face and then mine too.

    Cheers - Joolz


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